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At Prestige Steel Structures, our name signifies reliability, sturdiness, and strength – qualities that define our work across various sectors. Whether you’re seeking carports, metal workshops, custom buildings, or any steel structure, rest assured, we’re by your side throughout the entire process. From recommending the best steel building for your needs to securing certifications, offering competitive building pricing, providing repair information, and presenting exciting deals, we’re committed to delivering the utmost service. Our goal at Prestige Steel Structures is to offer customers a hassle-free purchasing experience, blending years of building expertise and exceptional customer service into a seamless, step-by-step guide.

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Order Process + How It Works

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    1. Initial Contact

    We begin your metal construction project with a friendly conversation, either through phone, text, or email truly taking the time to understand your needs and expectations. Our team is excited to hear your ideas and address any questions you might have on your metal building.

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    2. Send Quote

    After discussing your metal building needs, our team brings you a comprehensive and transparent quote. This detailed quote breaks down all the costs for the different things on your building such as garage doors, windows, and walk-in doors to help you determine what fits for your steel building budget.

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    3. Contract And Deposit

    Once you're prepared to move forward, we finalize the contract and secure a small deposit, locking in your price. By finalizing the contract and collecting the deposit you can rest assured you have the best metal building prices.

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    4. Order Processing

    Once all the necessary paperwork is sorted, we quickly get things moving in the order process and provide all the information to our manufacturer ensuring that all the items needed for your metal building are ready to go.

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    5. Site Picture

    To kickstart our lead time, we need pictures of your building site. Once we have those images and can see that your land is ready and level we can then proceed with the scheduling of the building.

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    6. Scheduling

    Once we have received your site pictures we will then schedule a time where a contractor can then come and perform your building delivery and installation.

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7. Installation

In this phase, our skilled team transforms your vision into reality. Every component of your metal structure is carefully assembled, ensuring precision and top-notch quality, our quality checks and transparent communication guarantee that your metal carport, garage, barn, or commercial structure goes beyond industry standards. When we’re done you’ll have a reliable space that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ready to serve your needs.


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