regular roof side
regular roof top

Regular Roof Style

The Regular roof style is the most economical option available. The roofing panels on this style run from front to back and have rounded eaves and overhanging sides. But we recommend upgrading to our vertical roof style when buying a metal building longer than 31 feet to avoid leaks.

boxed eave roof side
boxed eave roof top

Boxed Eave Roof Style

The boxed eave roof style has a traditional A-frame with horizontal panels running from front to back and boxed-in eaves. 

vertical roof side
vertical roof top

Vertical Roof Style

The vertical roof style is the strongest and most reliable style available. The roofs panels on this style are vertically aligned starting at the peak and ending at the eaves/sides allowing for water and debris shed.

horse barn style

Horse Barn 

This barn style has a regular-style roof and its panels run from the front to the back. The advantage of this style is that it’s the most budget-friendly option out of the 3 styles.

seneca barn style

Seneca Barn 

The Seneca barn style has 3 sections, the center section and a lean-to on each side. They feature an A-frame continuous roofline with boxed eaves and horizontal sheet metal. But they can also be upgraded to the vertical roof style, vertical sides, and ends.

carolina barn style

Carolina Barn

This barn style features an A-frame roofline and is the most versatile style out of all 3 of the styles. This style can also be upgraded to a vertical roof, sides, and ends.